2020 Season

Hello patient members

Your BMMSL executive wish to provide you with a current update on the potential to have some form of a reduced season. We have been hard at work getting things ready incase they remove the emergency order and we can resume playing.

Maybe you have heard that the sports diamonds will be open only to 10 People Max for training only. We expect more info from our Mayor Patrick Brown regarding the safe opening of ours and other leagues. We are ready to go at a moments notice as we have picked teams and procured new umpires for our league and have brand new baseballs just waiting to be used. We have devised a 10 game regular season plus 3 playoff dates although it will be shortened the longer we wait. I know this has been a trying time for everyone but we will hold out hope for at least 2 more weeks in the event the emergency order is lifted. By all means if you feel can’t wait and require a refund please contact our Treasurer Mary Wilson to facilitate that process.

Yours Truly

BMMSL Executive!


Good day Players & Captains,

As you may recall, the start of the season was a wet one! The League approached the City to investigate possible ways to try to have the 3 weeks of rain-out games re-scheduled for play. Unfortunately the only times diamonds are available are weekends and other evenings during the week, which didn’t seem plausible for various reasons. Additionally unfortunate is that there is another league starting right after ours ends in September and as such we cannot simply extend the season further into September. As such, it seems the only solution is to play the first rain-out from May 9th on August 15th and the remaining rain-outs will be left unplayable. NOTE: the City of Brampton will credit the league the monies owed for the cancelled games and this will sit as a credit on the League account with the City to be used towards next year’s season.

AGAIN – August 15 games will follow the May 9th regular scheduled games.


The Executive