Rules & Regulations



RULES of PLAY – 2023

  1. Each team must have a minimum of eight players to play and three must be female or the game is forfeited.
  2. Maximum team roster is 7 males and 7 females.
  3. A team may field a maximum of twelve players only, 6 males and 6 females. If you cannot field 6 males – you can field additional females.
  4. There are to be 3 girls playing the infield, having a female pitcher does count as a female on the infield and therefore allowing a male to play any infield position.
  5. There is no penalty for removing an injured player from the line-up.  There is no out enforced.  The spot in the order is just skipped and the team will continue to alternate male and female batters.
  6. Players arriving late must be placed at the bottom of the batting order but may play defense at any time. If a spare has been placed on the team and a regular player shows up the spare continues to play.  The regular player sits if scheduled not to be there.
  7. Playoffs: minimum of four females required or game is forfeited.
  8. Batting order must alternate gender.
  9. Foul on third strike is not an automatic out.
  10. Slo-pitch means 6-to-12-foot arc pitches. Too low or too high will be called an illegal pitch.  If the batter doesn’t swing at an illegal pitch, the pitch is called a ball, even if it hits the board.  If the pitch is swung at, it is no longer considered illegal, and whatever results from the play will stand.
  11. All balls coming off the bat foul, back to the catcher, will be an out if caught, regardless of the height.
  12. A batted ball that hits the home plate is considered a dead ball and a strike is counted.
  13. Pinch runners are allowed at the request of the runner, there is no limit to the number used in a game. But they must be of the same sex and can only courtesy twice per game.
  14. No anticipation rule:  A runner is out, and the ball is dead if: On a pitched ball, he/she leaves the base before the ball has reached the plate, hits the ground, or is swung at by the batter.
  15. The infield fly rule does apply.
  16. If the first 4 pitches are balls, to any player, male or female, this will result in the player taking second base.  The next batter MUST hit.  If a strike or foul is thrown at any point, the player will take first base only.
  17. A safety line is used at home plate.  Tagging is not permitted at home plate.  Automatic out if runner touches home plate. The safety line (commitment line) will be measured and drawn 35’ from 3rd base. 
  18. A commitment line between third base and home plate is in effect.  If the base runner touches or crosses this line, there is no return except on a caught fly ball.  The runner must proceed to home plate, or he/she is called out.
  19. Pitcher’s mound is a minimum 50’ to a maximum of 65’ from the back of the home plate.
  20. No defensive player, except for the pitcher and catcher can encroach past the base line until the ball is hit.  Outfielders cannot encroach more than 150 feet, when a female is at bat, from home plate until the ball is hit.
  21. To complete an inning the following must occur: Three outs or 5 runs scored, whichever comes first, except in the seventh inning where runs are unlimited and the game ends if the team batting second has scored more runs in six innings or before the third out in last half of the seventh inning than the other team has scored in seven innings. An inning announced by the umpire as the last inning will be considered an open inning ended by three outs.
  22. A cancelled game is not a cancelled night for all teams.  If possible, rain out games will be rescheduled.  During the playoffs, a game must be completed to be official.  A game stopped by the umpire will be considered complete if five innings (four and one-half innings if the second batting team is leading) have been completed.
  23. Any inning that starts AFTER 7:50pm (9:20pm for the late game) will be declared the last inning. At that time, the umpire will announce that the NEXT inning will be the last one OR will wait until the next inning begins and will declare “last inning” at the start of the inning. The last inning will be played to the natural conclusion of the game with no “stop dead” time. Exceptions – All playoff games to go 7 innings.
  24. Ten minutes grace period from scheduled start time.  Otherwise, the game will be forfeited, or the team must play with the minimum eight players.
  25. Safety Bag:  On the batter’s first attempt at first base and a play is made at first, they must use the orange portion of the double base.  Once the batter has safely reached first base, they must now use the white portion.  The defensive player always uses the white portion.
  26. There will be no sliding into the bases by the runner.  If the runner slides, he/she is automatically out.
  27. Outfielder cannot throw a batter out at first base (as per SPOA rules).
  28. If a player misses 3 consecutive games and has no contact with the league, they will be considered a drop out player and will be replaced.  NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.
  29. Smoking and drinking are prohibited within the sports activity area as per city bylaws and SPN rules.
  30. An executive review is required if anyone is ejected from a game. 
  31. Official umpires will be used. 
  1. The governing body (SPO/SPN) will be used to decide on the cost of protesting a game.

Use of Spares:

  1. Spares will be assigned to a team by the Spares Coordinator and charged $5.00 per game.  Regular players may have their name added to the spares list.  They may play in the event of a spare’s shortage.  Regular players will be used on a rotation basis only and will not be charged a fee. 
  2. Spare players will be supplied to allow a team to field a maximum of 6 players of each gender. If you are missing a pitcher and there is only one (1) pitcher on the team, teams can request a pitcher (from the Spares Coordinator) and play with 7 and 6 on the roster. 
  3. All spares will have the right to participate in the playoffs at the discretion of the executive, if scheduled prior to the playoffs.  Except for the Championship and Consolation final games, where full-time members will be given the opportunity to spare. The full-time players must not be already playing in the playoffs.
  4. A spare may play only two consecutive weeks with any one team.  Exceptions will be at the discretion of the executive.


Updated: October 2022